Missing res_hep_pjsip Module

Cheers Folks,
im trying to get my asterisk to send hep to a homer7.
Im missing res_hep_pjsip.so and i guess also the rtcp module. the only one i have is res_hep module.
I couldnt find anything on the wiki on how to install. as i understand the res_hep is only for sip?
in the documentation for hep.conf it says:


  • loading res_hep_pjsip.so module

im on asterisk 18 / debian stretch.

You probably need to inspect the configuration with make menuconfig. I routinely hook up a homer7 docker image to my Asterisk/Kamailio boxes and as far as Asterisk is concerned, you should have


yeah missing both of these…


I installed asterisk via apt-get do i need to compile from source to get it in?

I guess you also prefer blind dates. You actually do not know much about the assumptions that went into these prebuild packages. Most folks don’t know what a HEP server is good for and from the rest the majority probably thinks that it is too difficult to configure (there’s actually nothing to configure). No wonder that there is only partial support here.

Yes, you do need to compile the sources yourself. My suggestions would be to pull the git sources and always build the latest stable release. This way you can also maintain your own changes to the source with a minimum of fuzz.

have you installed this

apt-get install asterisk-modules

On Debian and Ubuntu the package asterisk-modules are installed automatically as a dependence if one uses the default repos. The question is why they were not installed.

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