Missing mod_data for format_au.so


I have just upgraded asterisk to the last version 1.2.10. Now when I try to start asterisk it shuts down with error: missing mod_data for format_au.so.
Does anybody know how to fix this?

Any help is highly appreciated


turn on debug logging and post the relevant section of the log file here.

I figured this out. Obviously the new version doesn’t use this lib anymore so I just cleaned the folders from the previous version and reinstalled again.

Thanks for your post.

i had a quick look in a tarball of 1.2.10 and the source is still there. no idea what it’s for though :smiley:

It happend again right after I installed freepbx :frowning: Obviously freepbx is not up to date so be careful installing it.

It would be nice though if there is some notes for compatibility