Missing mISDNuser package on OpenSuSE 10.3- do I need it?

Hi, I have tried doing a binary (package) install on OpenSuSE 10.3 and I get a failure due to a dependency - it’s missing something called ‘mISDNuser’.

Is this a hint I should maybe compile from source, or has something changed and the dependency is basically legacy? Being new to Asterisk I don’t even know what this module is and if I can simply ignore it instead - all I want to install Asterisk for is to experiment with VoIP…

Thnx, = Ch =

The mISDNuser package contains the user tools to use the mISDN kernel drivers, contained in the mISDN package (misdn.org), this are drivers to use isdn cards, Asterisk may use the isdn and these drivers through chan_misdn, if your Asterisk binary package needs them you’ve to install them , otherwise install Asterisk from source.


Marco Bruni