Minor bug in Norwegian speaking clock

Great thank you to those who has made this, I am just a curious beginner so I do not have a clue about how much job it is, just a vague idea that it is pretty much.
When we are listening to the Norwegian speaking clock one word is in English: “and” and not the Norwegian “og”
I hope this is the right place to tell that I just found that, and it my be of importance for someone if it should be used commercially.

To that; some extra info.: The Norwegian telecom museum that is a part of the Scientific museum of Norway does have the original recordings on optical disks, but the y do not have knowledge to digitalize those recordings, nor do they have a speaking clock.

What is the sound file it is trying to play. Is there a Norwegian version of that file?

I am just a curious beginner, so I have to say, I don’t have a clue. I use the Incredible PBX version and discovered that I could hook off for importing Norwegian language on voice messages. That made the service from the PBX more understandable. Mot of the error or informative voice messages would in the old POTS system just be a busy signal here. Later I discovered the speaking clock function and heard that one word was in English so my guess is that each word or term is a single voice file. Could be OK to at least pay back with that information, since some people actually live by selling supported asterisk exchange services.

Asterisk doesn’t include or have a Norwegian sound pack, and we don’t include a speaking clock function that I’m aware of. It sounds as if you are referring to outside sound files and code.

I suspect they mean SayUnixTime, but it looks like the default format doesn’t include “and”, so that may be non-standard, even with the English sound pack.

I asked this question at the Incredible PBX forum, and they sent me to you, so I just have to hope that the person who made that get the message.

Anyway, thank you for the answers. :slight_smile:

In that case, the speaking clock function probably comes from FreePBX.

It may well be that the Norwegian sound files are a local addition, and it is possible that only a very few sounds (maybe just enough for numbers) have been recorded.

If you’re using IPBX, that hints toward FreePBX. Are you using the Norwegian recordings provided by the FreePBX Sound Languages module? If so, here is part of the agreement you acknowledged when you installed the sound files:

You are free to use these voice prompts in an unmodified
FreePBX Installation.

You can order custom recordings at westany.com

To license these voice prompts for your commercial uses please
contact Westany.com

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Public License

Westany Ltd of Westany.com is the licensor of these voice prompts.

Westany is the owner of the prompts, and the one who is best able to resolve this.

Thank you, my intention was just to help by telling about what I discovered, lonesome has made a great job making this, and the least I could do is to honor that, and help to make it perfect :slight_smile:

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