Hello, all

I need help to resolve this problem: I am effecting a calling but asterisk is disconnect for the double attendance signaling that exists in numbers it of destination of the call. This temporization is for blocked of calls to charging. It could help me in this problem? Which are the parameters that I must modify? Please, it could ask a question? What I have that to use so that it obtains to transmit fax through one number sip with an ATA and a device of analogic fax? Thank´s for its attention and helps.
You it could help me in the problem of the disconnection of calls? I must modify the time in this archive?
#define DEFAULT_MAX_WAIT_FOR_GROUP_B_SIGNAL 15000 mfcr2->max_wait_for_group_b_signal = DEFAULT_MAX_WAIT_FOR_GROUP_B_SIGNAL;