Messages button on Polycom VVX 500

I have some Polycom VVX 500 phones connected to the latest version of AsteriskNow with FreePBX. I would like to be able to press the Messages button on the phone and see any voicemails that have been left and select each one to listen to. I don’t like the *97 or whatever method to get voicemails. Is it possible to wire up the Messages button to Asterisk to do this? If so, how do you configure it all to make it work?

I have a vvx 400 and am looking for the same thing. I have tried programming a soft key but it sill asks for the mailbox number. My cisco phones have a messages button that calls out on whichever line is selected and works fine.

I also cannot seem to stop the MWI light from blinking - even after the VM queue is empty.