Message waiting on x-lite

i have a few users on my phone system who use x-lite (including myself) and i’m having a hard time finding a way to let these users know when they have a message waiting.

on my sip phones, the ‘voicemail’ option in sip.conf gives a stuttered dial tone when there is a new message waiting for that user. this feature doesn’t seem to work with x-lite. i don’t even think x-lite gives a ‘real’ dialtone since it plays a dialtone even when the softphone isn’t registered. does anyone know a way to get the stuttered dial tone to work? is there any other way to indicate that an x-lite user has a message?

also, i would like to use sendmail to email voicemessages to users. i know how to specify a users email address in asterisk, but i have no idea how to use sendmail and am having a hard time finding places to learn how to configure it. i feel like sending messages to my isp’s smtp server shouldn’t be that tough, but i can’t figure it out. any tips or good resources?


x-lite doesn’t support message waiting. You have to upgrade to x-pro.

You might try SJphone. It has a message waiting “lamp” on it’s interface.

sendmail I can’t hlep you with… I never figured that out much myself.

Found this for sendmail maybe it will help

well, i downloaded sjphone. i like it much better than xlite. and the WMI works great. thanks for the tip.