Message/Stream broadcasting [With Java?]

Hi everybody,
first of all, I’ve to say that I’m a real newbie on Asterisk… Then, I apologize in advance if this topic could sound trivial: my current knowledge level is really low.
I explain the problem, starting from the following hypoteses:

  • My company has an Asterisk PBX, allowing employees to perform audio-conferences.
  • The PBX is configured to answer on 5 extensions.
  • Every extension has a given number of channels (let’s say 50): so we can have 50 simultaneous users in a single audio-conference (50 users per channel).
  • Conferences have a limited duration (in time), determined by some parameters: it implies that, if a single channel has been “reserved” for 30 minutes, the conference has to end as the maximum lifetime of 30 minutes has been reached.

Once the reservation time has ended, Asterisk has to perform the conference closure for every participant (so that the extension is left free for subsequent conferences).

Before closing everything (let’s say 5 minutes before), a small stream (a pre-recorded audio file, for example) has to be sent in broadcast, in order to inform participants that, in some minutes, the conference will be forced to end.

What I would know from you is:

  • What is the best way to get out of this mess? :smile:
    Seriously speaking: I’ve looked to the Asterisk Java API, but I wonder if
  • it is the best way to approach this problem (in every other case, may you give me an advice?)
  • anyone could provide me with some useful examples (or, at least, address me to the classes that have to be used)

Thank you so much in advance,