Meetme setups with DTMF

Hi all!

Im new here, and im looking for some help, because i want to setup the following in an asterisk with FreePBX;

Im trying to configure a meetme creation, calling to a DID with an inboud route, but i dont know how to say to asterisk to lisen to the DTMF tones for setup it, like room number, and password.

Ive read a bit about it, and it better to do it with AGI-PHP? Its posible to script it?

With FreePBX, ive to write the code in extensions_meetme_custom.conf?

Thanks in advance.

We can’t provide support on FreePBX.

In bare Asterisk you can use Read(), WaitExten(), or Background.()

Hi David551,

I dont want to use FreePBX to do it, that why i do the question for " extensions_meetme_custom.con".

I prefer to write the dialplan for the meetme, and dont use fpbx…


We can’t be sure how FreePBX will interact with and limit direct Asterisk coding. In particular extensions_meetme_custom.conf is not part of Asterisk.