MeetMe Help


Not sure this is the correct place but here goes…

I’ve installed asterisk + zaptel on RHEL4 and connected to an Avaya S8710 running CM3.

All is well apart from 1 thing… i built the box for the conferencing facility because the Avaya meetme conference is limited to 6 user out the box.

I have the asterisk meetme working in general however i can’t get a few of the options to work - mainly the announce option (caller records their name and the system announces them when they join the conference).

I’ve had a look at the asterisk console when this happens and i see the message;

Can anyone help?


what does ‘lsmod |grep -i zt’ show ?

It sounds as if ztdummy isnt loaded.

also what does zttool show ?


When i run the command above i get;

[quote]ztdummy 7876 0
zaptel 194308 3 ztdummy[/quote]

zttool shows

[quote]ZTDUMMY/1 (source: Linux25) 1[/quote] under the heading span, if that makes sense?