Md5sercret to provider

Can someone point me how to use md5secret for register to provider. I do not want to store password in clear text, but I have hashed ha1. As I read, I can use md5secret. If I understand correctly, than asterisk doesn’t calculate hash, but use md5secret in response? How to make then register?

Thank you!

Whilst I’ve not investigated md5secret, if it doesn’t use a hash, it would be considered totally unacceptable in the modern world, as it would be trivially vulnerable to a replay attack.

If it does have replay protection, I think you will find that knowing the hash is as good as knowing the password.

Yes, it is just that I do not want to store plain password. I want to store md5 calculated hash. It is not yet clear to me, but md5secret is hash that asterisk calculate id with md5 algorithm.