Maximum Channels?

not entirely sure if im in the right place here but Asterisk resources seem few and far between.
I have installed Asterisk@home and have it all up and running great with sipgate the only problem im finding is that when i specify the ‘Maximum Channels’ for a trunk in the AMP the system dosent seem to abide by the number i specify. at present i have 2 channels specified on one sipgate trunk but i can dial in as many times as i like and still place calls if more than 2 channels are open. ideally i would like the caller to just get a simple engaged tone or a message from sipgate when the two channels are in use. maybe im using the wrong provider???


This sounds like an Asterisk@Home issue as it is possible to limit channel usage if you are using Asterisk core without the GUI wrapper. You might want to look around the AMP Website (the GUI that A@H uses) to see if there is something there that may assist you.