MaxCalls problem causing rollover issues

I am in serious need of some help.

I have a PBX with 4 Zaptel cards and 10 grandstream GXP-2000 extensions. I’m running Asterisk@Home, 1.0.9.

Everything is working great except this:

If anyone in the primary incoming ringroup answers a call, that extension will no longer ring for subsequent incoming calls from the outside. (Extension to Extension calls work fine).

In debug mode, when this happens I see all the lines ringing from the dialparties.agi output. But when any extension that is in use (from an outside call rings), I see this entry:

112: dialparties.agi: Max calls of 1 exceeded - deleting from dial". The

112 is the extension that is tied up with a call.

Doing some research I find very limited info, except for a setting in asterisk called “Maxcalls”. This setting was not in the default asterisk.conf, but I added it according to a post somewhere. The syntax is :
Maxcalls => (value)

I’ve tried several values from 0 to 50, and restarted the server, but even so, when an extension is tied up, it registers as “Max calls of 1 exceeded - deleting from dial”.


Thanks in advance,


there was a bug in AAH script relating to rollover. google for that or check on the nerd vittles asterisk site…

I spent about 45 minutes looking (googling, seaching nervittles) for anything on this - I can’t find anything. Nervittles is a difficult site to navigate, and google comes up with nothing.

Do you have a link?

Thanks again,