Max Queues & Agents

We have 200ish queues and 500 agents, and maybe 500 calls at a time in Avaya currently. Is an Asterisk server capable of supporting this size?

Short answer – yes.

Sizing the system will depend on what you are doing. Experimenting with a fraction of your needs will enable you to extrapolate with some certainty.


I wouldn’t. I’d design a pool of servers, each handling less than 100 calls. Why?

  1. Not relying on a single point of failure. I’d rather explain to my boss that ‘we lost a host, but we have enough excess capacity in the remaining hosts’ instead of ‘we lost our host and we can’t handle any calls until the critical part arrives from Amazon the day after tomorrow.’
  2. Ease of maintenance. You can take a host out of the pool, upgrade it, test it, put it back into the pool, and move onto the next host. If everything is on 1 host it’s like: we’ll have to wait until the small hours on Sunday, upgrade it, and pray nothing broke.
  3. Ease of scaling. It’s a lot easier to add another host to a pool than move to a more powerful single host.
  4. Ease of trouble shooting. If something isn’t working correctly, route test calls to a sandbox so you can examine exactly what’s going on. Trouble shooting on a host with 500 calls will be like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.

I’m sure there’s many more reasons, that’s just off the top of my head.

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