Max number of tdm cards per server

Hello ,

what is the max number of tdm cards that can be installed into a server. I currently will need to put five analog lines up and tdm400 cards can only fit 4 lines. so i will need 1 more card to get the fifth line working. So do i need two servers or can i manage on one?


you should have no problems with two tdm cards, as long as they dont share IRQs.
If you need a large volume of ports or expect to expand to require it, there is also the sangoma A200 series cards. The ‘remora’ system uses one PCI slot to handle up to 4 or 5 ‘remora’ cards on a backplane. This can be useful if you are short on PCI slots or want more than 8 or 12 ports.

and if you need more than that, i would suggest looking at a channel bank. xorcom makes a USB based channel bank that can do anywhere from 8-32 ports, and the drivers are built into zaptel 1.2.4(?) and beyond.

haven’t used one (yet) but i think we are going to replace our rack of sipuras (faxes and older analog phones) with one of these…

only problem with the xorcom channel bank is I haven’t been able to figure out where to buy one. The only one i can find anywhere is the astribank-8. LMK if you find a reseller (i checked voipsupply, atacomm and froogle…)

Iron - Check out this link… … lbanks.php