Matt Fredrickson Moving On

For those who don’t pay attention to the blog a post just went up[1] announcing that @creslin287 is moving on to a new adventure. I’ve known Matt since I joined Digium in the early times (when there were less than 30 people) and crossed paths many times throughout our mutual careers. From hardware, to libpri, to libss7, to Asterisk, to numerous other things he’s had his hands many places! Join me in wishing him a great success with his next adventure, and if you have any stories of Matt feel free to share them! I’ll be leaving this thread open.

[1] A few announcements ⋆ Asterisk

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For quite a while the top, non-sponsored google result when searching for “Nicest guy in VOIP” was Matt Fredrickson. Officially recognized as such in an award ceremony, but the title existed prior to the award.


Wishing Matt the best!

@creslin287 thanks for all the fish

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@creslin287 I wish you the best for the future! Thank you for all the work in Asterisk and the community :slight_smile:


Good luck with your new career Matt