Match against multiple IP address in PJSIP?


I do see both address

Identify: 4188954758/4188954758
Match: XXX.XXX.XXX.100/32
Match: XXX.XXX.XXX.101/32


I have nothing else to suggest currently based on the information you’ve provided. I know others are using it in such a fashion fine.


It has been working for a long time for us without problems and out of a sudden it stopped working after that new ip address started to appear in the SIP trace. The source ip address and the one in the from field was the same before.
Thanks for your help, I’ll keep looking.


I figured it out… A second identity was left out in the pjsip.conf file pointing to another endpoint with the same ip address.
It was working until a module reload res_pjsip was done at some point.

So, the match lines are working fine.


Glad to hear it! We should have handled that scenario better though and given a warning so you didn’t have to go digging. Can you file a minor issue[1] for it to see if we can improve it?



Of course. A warning would have helped for sure. I’ll do it right now.


Pls help me , I want to use asterisk on Raspberry pi device but I don’t want to use comercial license , is it possible ???


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