Massive Number range forwarding Via PBX


I have a large number range (5000+ numbers) which I need to go to a cloud PBX and then from there split to separate PBXs. I wont be using all those numbers in at the beginning just starting with a hundred or so.

To clarify if I have the range, for example, 0330103____ I want all calls to that number range to go to my PBX (using its hostname) and then from there I will have a rule, for example, saying if its 03301038686 to forward calls to 8.4.. and if its 03301036538 to forward calls to 9.8.. and if its 03301035677 to forward calls to 7.11.. and if its 03301031515 to forward calls to 6.9.. etc.

What would that be called in the VoIP world? and would this be possible?

I can’t work out whether you are talking about the PBX that block routes or the one that refines the routing.

I don’t know of a specific VoIP term, but in general telephony terms I’d just call that routing.

You use patterns in the diaplan for this sort of thing in Asterisk.

The company I have the range from can only forward the number range to one hostname so I need to individually sort each number from the 5000+ numbers and forward it to different individual pbxs.

The description I gave is for Asterisk, and Asterisk can be used cloud based, just remember that PABXes are real time systems.


Would this be with Asterisk direct or is there a PBX you can recommend that would allow me to that, preferably a Cloud based PBX.

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