Manually set DIALSTATUS?

Hello everyone,

What I am trying to accomplish is the following:

I initiate a call using a call file. The call needs to be acknowledged by pressing 9. If the call is picked up and acknowledged properly there is no problem, or if the call is not answered a retry is done.

Then there are two “bad” cases:

  1. The wrong digit is pressed.
  2. No digit is pressed, the call times out.

In these cases no retry is started as the call itself was successful. Nevertheless I need a retry to be initiated as the acknowledgement failed.

Is it possible to manually set the DIALSTATUS variable for those cases, so that Asterisk retries? If not, does anybody have another suggestion to solve this?

Thank you!


Call file calls needn’t end in a Dial application call, which is the only thing that can autonatically set DIALSTATUS, so I don’t believe the call file logic pays any attention to DIALSTATUS. However DIALSTATUS, unlike HANGUPCAUSE, is a real variable, and can be set by the dialplan.

I suspect that you are using some dialpan written by someone else here, and you haven’t told the whole story.

I’m not clear which party has to press the digit. If it is the first party, one would use a local channel, to allow for the extra logic. If it is the second party, I think your diaplan would have to requeue the call file.