Manager API: ExtenSpy need help

I’m developing a Queue Watcher. Which for the admin side will require the ExtenSpy function.

Everything is working great except when I attempt to use any “options” with ExtenSpy, the whole thing fails.


Action: Originate -----------------
Application: extenspy ------------ 'This works: Extension 124 can monitor 141 and with whom 141 is connected.
Data: 141--------------------------/
Channel: SIP/124 ---------------/

Trying to add "wisper mode"
Action: Originate -----------------
Application: extenspy -------------This fails
Data: “141, w” --------------------/
Channel: SIP/124 ---------------/

With the Data: field, I have tried:

"141, w"
141 w
"141, q"

For whatever reason, any extra options kills this function.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.