Making FXO dial 9 first

The analog line I have my FXO port plugged into needs to have a 9 prepended to the number before it can call out. How/where do I do that?

dunno what flavor of asterisk you’re using? if you’re using AAH, you’d go to the ZAP trunk for your FXO port and put a ‘9’ in the Outbound Dial Prefix section.

Sorry but I’m a newbie. What is AAH and where would I go make that cahnge. I’m running 1.2 on a red hat box.

sorry, what i meant was: AAH is asterisk@home. a prepackaged implementation of asterisk on a variant of redhat. comes with AMP (asterisk management portal) - a gui that does 90% of what most people want. i only have used that, so…

Oh ok. I’m not using that. I have to edit the conf files manually.

I figured it out, its in the extensions.conf under your outbound dial plan. You can specify asterisk dials a 9 before the number.