Making calls to nearest available person?

Sorry I am very new to asterisk. I want to know I have an application where user can call into a phone number. There after can I know the nearest cell id or the user or even better latitude and longitude. There after I will search the nearest available person to service them and if there available to connect the user call to the service person. Can I handle this via asterisk?

Only as a small part of the solution. In most, if not all cases, the only information Asterisk will receive as to the location is the caller ID or domain name in a general case VoIP call. Even if cell IDs re present on circuit switched connections (which I doubt), Asterisk will not have access to them.

Once you have such information, Asterisk allows you to do database lookups, but you must provide the database. You must also provide the database of possible callees, and the algorithms to find the nearest one from that database.