Make asterisk error

I am trying to install the asterisk for asterisk server.
When i am doing ./configure it is showing @sign which will giving signal that my system is ready for installation. but when i use 'make’
it is giving me the error of sql

/usr/include/squlite3.h:6665:17 note previous declaration of squilte waas here
make[1]: *** [cdr_squlite3_custom.o] error1
make: *** [cdr] error2

kindly let me know how to resolve this problem
this is a fresh installation.
please do the needful

1.6.2.x should not be used for new installations as normal maintenance ceased on it over two years ago, and security support ceased over a year ago. has many more bugs than the versions as of when 1.6.2.x was retired.