Macromedia Flashcom Server with Vonage (softphone)?

I’m setting up a audio/video conference room with flash communication server and I’m looking for some input as to a simple way to interface voip cotent into the conference room. Currently visitors can log onto the website using their webcam and or standard pc microphone and interact with the conference. I’m looking for a way to allow visitors to dial into a vonage (or other voip) line and tie into the same audio stream?

My current setup is FC4 on a dedicated box running Flashcom Server MX. I have a secondary server for the flash/apache/mysql part of the website.

Does this seem possible and or make sense? It seems like people have done some very similar things but searching the forum didn’t find any clear cut answers.

Thanks for any advice,

What you can do is set up a confrence room with asterisk and then connect asterisk to the stream. Then anyone that calls in to the confrence room on asterisk will hear what the people in the video confrence hear.