Lync Server vs Asterisk


we have an alcatell 4400 pbx and we are Call Center with many lines for various projects (about 300 lines). We are looking for a VOIP solution with a view to get rid of the PBX. We heard about the asterisk and the Lync. And the question is: are about products that intended for the same market? Does it make sense the comparison?

We are close to Lynk server because we also think to change our CRM (Sielel) to Microsoft DYNAMICS.

Thanks in advance

It depends what you prefer. Asterisk is flexible, can do lot of things, there are lot of “applications” for Asterisk.
I mean there are systems based on Asterisk for hotels, for call centers…
But if you plane to use Asterisk it is good idea to have some expert to keep an eye on it. I mean to upgrade, to modify if you want some modifications - etc. Of course you can use in place expert, or remote one, because most of problems/upgrades/modifications of Asterisk can be done remotely also.
But if you have no system administrator with Linux experience - then Asterisk is not for you.

I dont know Lync and I cant compare Asterisk and Lync.