Low ring volume of incoming call when listening to MOH

In the company I work for, people want to listen to music through their extensions. So, I created a Conference with MOH that they can join and listen to music through the speakerphone. The MOH just streams music from a radio station we own . The problem I’m having is that when they receive an incoming call, the ring or tone is too low and they can’t hear it.

Is there a way to mute the MOH or to lower its volume or to raise the ring volume, etc… so the incoming call ring can be easily heard?


If they are listening to MOH they are off hook and therefore busy.

I suppose, if these are VoIP lines, the second line could be ringing, but ringing on IP phones is done entirely on the phone, so any setting for volume needs to be done on the phone.

david55, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay…

Since my native language is Spanish, I don’t quite understand what do you mean by “they are off hook”. Also, the line is not busy. I have done tests where I join the conference that I setup to listen to MOH. In that extension, I use the speakerphone to listen to the MOH. Then I call to that same extension using my cellphone. In my cellphone, I hear the extension ringing. In the extension, I hear the music as well as a beep or tone announcing the incoming call. But, the beep is too weak. When I see the phone’s display, the conference and the incoming call are on the same line.

I hope this clarifies my situation. Meanwhile, I will verify if there’s something I can configure in the phone that gives priority to the incoming call or makes its volume higher.

Thank again!

Off hook comes from the idea that the handset of a phone is normally hooked on top of the phone, and when you make or receive call, you lift the phone off the hook. For a speakerphone, pressing the button that makes the speaker come is doing this.

On a simple analogue line, going off hook makes the phone busy.

On a VoIP phone, going off hook may only make one line busy and subsequent attempts to ring the phone will ring the other line . You will then have to switch lines to answer the call.

On all modern phones, the amplitude of the ringing is controlled by the phone. On analogue phones, the phone will follow the on and off times of the ringing, but will not pay any attention to the level of the ringing voltage.

On IP and other digital phones, the phone receives a message to say there is a new call and then internally generates both the ringing tone and how it goes on and off with time, based on that message. There may be phone specific ways of selecting how the phone should ring in that message, but amplitude is not something that will be controlled that way.

Therefore any question about how loudly a twenty first century phone rings, or exactly how a digital phone rings should be addressed to the manufacturer of the phone, not to the supplier of the PABX.

Thanks, I understand now…

I was able to change the call waiting sound to a ring, which is more audible when the person is listening to MOH, but it’s too much when talking on a regular call. So, I would like to know if there’s a way to have the “ring” as the sound for call waiting only if the extension is on the conference room I setup for MOH. If the extension is not on conference then the “beep” will be the sound for call waiting.