Looping condition with telco vendor

I’m new to Asterisk (3 hours) and am having a problem with our telco vendor.

The problem as I can best explain it is a looping condition. They send a number that they show as ours. It reaches our Asterisk, checks the files, doesn’t see it there, and the call is routed back to our telco vendor, who then turns around and routes it back to us. This looping condition continues until basically all call processing stops and the vendor shuts us completely off. I guess what I’m looking for is a statement which I believe would go in the inbound.inc file that basically goes at the bottom that would disconnect any call (with disconnect message) if the number is not found in our inbound.inc file. I’m assuming that when a call is directed in, that it opens the inbound.inc file and searches from top to bottom for the number, so this would be the wildcard statement. Any help would be extremely appreciated.


Without either sight of the dialplan, or the name of the GUI front end that you are using, it is difficult to guess how your dialplan handles such calls. A pure Asterisk installation has no incoming.inc file, and will return number unobtainable tone for any number that is not explicitly identified as belonging to the local system.


Thanks. There is no gui setup that I can find (I did look). The asterisk is running version if that helps at all. Seems all programming is manual via the following 4 files:


Granted, it looks like they need to update the Asterisk software and I think there is a plan for that, but that’s where I am right now. I had to soft hangup 70 channels yesterday due to this issue. I’ll look at the dialplan and see if I can find anything there of help.

Asterisk 1.2, which is no longer supported, has different handling of failed calls. However I don’t think it had any .inc files as standard, so you will need to provide all the dialplan involved in the call, as that will have been created on your site, and is where the problem lies.