Looping back intentionnally

hello all,

I am trying to setup a load test with a* and sipp. this works ok so far, I can make test calls to any destinations - the calls go through a context, and get out by a DIAL (SIP/trunkname/extension).

trunkname is defined in sip.conf as my sip provider. this works fine.

what I would like to do, is that instead of going out through the sip providers, all the calls end up on a dummy annoucement. this would allow me testing the logic of the original context, and without altering anything in the extensions.conf

i’ve tried to change the setup of ‘trunkname’ in sip.conf to go to another local context, with minimal instructions:
exten => _X,1,Answer()
exten => _X,n,Background(demo-instruct)
exten => _X,n,Hangup()

but this fails with a 482 - loop detected…

any views on how I could achieve this ?

many thanks,