[LookupCID] Mapping group of numbers?


Some of our customers use DID, so that when they call us, we must map more than one number for that customer.

Is there a way to add a global number like “1234???” so that any incoming CID number that starts with 1234 is matched to one customer?


you’ve missed out the bit where you say what you’re using for CID=>Name resolution.

but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be possible, but the degree of difficulty will depend on where the work is done.

I’m using the LookupCID instruction. It works fine if the number matches the CID number exactly, but I’d like a way to make a bunch of numbers to a single CID name, eg. 123-4501, 123-4502, etc.

Why not treat the block of numbers like an area code? You should be able to pick up plenty of ideas for this from this thread: