Looking for Asterisk experts - (Mobile, Portable, Education)

Looking for Asterisk experts - (Mobile, Portable Asterisk for Distance Education)


I am looking for Asterisk experts
to build Asterisk for Distance Education - Mobile and Portable Asterisk hubs
(tele- and videoconferencing).

Tell me frankly if you can set up portable (USB pendrive) Astlinux to work on laptops
(booting up from USB removeable harddisk - pendrive)

Tell me if you can port Asterisk on Cygwin to work in Windows environment.

What Linux embedded devices ( mobile servers) can support Asterisk server configuration (pretested and successfully run) ?

As traffic at this official Asterisk support forum is not great,
tell me what, if not Asterisk, can be implemented into distance learning, multiconferencing systems.

Asterisk coming with softphone SIP solutions for Windows looks to be an excellent solution and entry point for
students in distance learning programs world-wide.

As Asterisk groups at Linkedin are low traffic, low-interaction communication channels
just refer me to other Asterisk forums

You can PM me, if you wish to discuss details in private.


There’s a separate forum for asking for paid consultancy.