Long time to wait for ringback

does anyone know why I have to wait 20 seconds before connecting ? I have clear 17.6.0 installation with pjsip, dialplan is extremal easy,


i have to wait 20 sec before asterisk start doing dialplan

DNS timeouts may cause such delays.

A packet capture of DNS and SIP may yield some clues.


I change from FQDN to just IP address and still this same issue. I attach screenshot of my sngrep result of problematic call and also pastebin maybe someone find a problem

EDIT: I run ngrep for listening any activity on 53 port on any interface and there is nothing while call is initate

The IP address will, I believe, be subject to reverse resolution.

Go back to the FQDN and add a static entry in your hosts file.

Probably I found where problem is. I used MicroSIP as sip client which deafult try guess which protocol should be used (tcp/udp). When I set UDP only issue are gone.

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