Log an outbound call as another user?

Hey everyone,

I use Cisco SIP phones in my office. I like using CDR reports to see how many calls users made. The problem is that a couple of my reps prefer to make their calls from the conference room so it throws the numbers off. Since you can’t easily just log in to a Cisco phone with a new extension, is there any way I can do something to log the call as their actual extension? I’m guessing no, but would be nice if either

a) They can easily log into the Cisco phone with their extension
b) They dial a code before making the call and that logs it as their extension

Assign all the sets a account code variable in their sip.conf and then when they go to a conf room they have to enter the account code there to log the call against that account and then you run reports by account code and not extension.


That worked thanks!!! I didn’t realize that I could enable pinless dialing for everyones extension except the seating area and conference room. I just made everyones code their extension so now when I view the call log I can just show by account code and it doesn’t matter what phone they used. Thank you!~!!!

I need some help with this! I required my outbound route to use a pin set, and I made the pinset each users extension. In each extension configuration I set it for pinless dialing so it automatically logs calls from their desks as them.

The problem is if I turn on call forwarding, or if I use follow me, when people call my phone it says Please enter your password followed by #. I guess because when the call is being forwarded or using follow me, it’s using the outbound route which requires a pin. How do I fix this? I’ve googled this like mad but I can’t find anything at all!

Anyone? This is urgent and impacting calls…