Local Virtual phone numbers (PLEASE HELP)

I would like to get a virtual local number for every state that we are exploring the possibility of expanding to. Our current provider voicepulse allows for us to have a many numbers as we’d like for 11$ a month, but since i was planning on getting about 10 of them I was wondering if there is another place I could get these numbers cheaper than 9$. I’ve heard people saying you can get them as cheap as 4 to 5$ a month.

did you check out voip-info.org/wiki/view/DID+ … +Providers ?

check out Teliax They start at 4.99 to $10 for a did[/url]

this concept of paying a monthly fee for a DID seems pretty weird to me. it must be a non-UK thing. i pay GBP2 (about US$4) as an initial payment for each DDI (that’s what we call them here) and no monthly cost. the same suppliers also give you a free DDI option, but you pay 10p (about US20 cents) a month per number.