Local trunk vicidial

I have 2 vicicidial server. I am trying to forward my one vicidial calls to another vicidial, I creat a trunk and local DID, calls are transferring fine but customer phone number is not showing. Is anyone can help??


The users of this community site aren’t typically familiar with VICIdial’s usage of Asterisk. They’re not going to know how to solve your problem. Your best path is the VICIdial community - http://www.vicidial.com


Actually machine is vicidial. But I did all these thing from asterisk

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Check your fromuser (undesirable), callerid (undesirable), sendrpid and trustrpid setting. Check the dialplan for assignments to CALLERID(). Check the channel technology used (analogue cannot support station to office caller ID, and office to station caller ID can be fiddly). The first sentence assumes SIP, but only because that is the usual one for people who don’t say.

More generally, provide your channel technology configuration files and your relevant dialplan.