LOCAL/agent_id@context/n uses many channels/g729 codecs

Running Asterisk 1.2 / (aka ABE-B)

I’m using local context as channels in my queues for queuemetrics to work nicely but I am noticing that a single call takes up two of my g729 licenses and uses up to 4 active channels and also 2 voice calls.

For a SINGLE call:
gnscCLI> show g729
0/2 encoders/decoders of 100 licensed channels are currently in use
CLI> show channels
Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/1104-0117c530 (None) Up Bridged Call(Local/2301@Customer1
Local/2301@Customer1-0a 2301@Customer1:3 Up Dial(SIP/1104|10|t)
Local/2301@Customer1-0a s@Customer1:1 Up Bridged Call(SIP/ARS_GW1-0118c
SIP/ARS_GW1-0118c620 6831@Customer1-default: Up Queue(Customer1-q6831|t|||6000000)
4 active channels
2 of 192 max active calls ( 1.04% of capacity)

Is there a way to add local context channels into a queue and have it use 1 voice call and 1 g729 codec?? Is this a bug in 1.2 that might have been fixed in 1.4?? Please help

A side note: My dialing context does a lookup of the exten (agentID) to find out where the actual SIP/XXXX is located. This allows my agents to sign from any phone extension.