Loads of warnings on a reload after upgrading to 1.4.0

Ever since I upgraded to 1.4.0 I get a ton of red warnings upon loading and reloading asterisk. They almost all look like problems loading dynamic modules, resources, etc. I have the feeling I am using an old and deprecated config file somewhere. I could paste my console output, but I have a feeling someone would shoot me. Yes, there are that many warnings.

Where should I start?


I have also tried on a test machine upgrade 1.2 to 1.4 and had quite a few errors on reload due to various things and changes. Depreciated commands etc.

When you do the reload look in the file /var/log/asterisk/messages which should give you some guide on which config files need attention.


Thanks for the tip. I looked in there and I just don’t think its worth it. I’m just going to uninstall asterisk and reinstall.