Loading a module from the CLI

My system was recently upgraded to Asterisk 1.8.8 from 1.8.5. Some of my previous conference call functionality broke and upon closer inspection the MeetMe app isn’t running. This is the cause because I use MeetMe for all conferencing related features.

At the CLI I do:
CLI> module show like ?

And app_meetme is not even in the resulting list, so therefore I cannot do a “CLI> module load app_meetme.” There is however, an app_meetme.so library in the modules directory of the install. How do I make this show up in the CLI in a way that I can load the module?


Perhaps you were missing a dependency when you complied 1.8.8. Go back to the 1.8.8 source, run the configure script, Make sure app_meetme is availble under the menu after running “make menuconfig” Once you have verified that delete the contents of your modules directory and make then make install the 1.8.8 source.