Lists of fraudulent international numbers

Friends, is there a (free) site that provides international destinations that have been identified as fraudulent? In this way create and keep updated black lists.

There is no one destination that is specifically fraudulent. Once attackers get in they tend to call detonations where they can a. Verify that they successfully compromised a phone system and then b. destinations where there is a large kick back. Lots of carriers have lists of specific numbers but are reluctant to publicly share it as the attackers will then know what numbers to call. As a general rule you want to block any destinations that are high cost. From our own history a lot of the attackers come from Palestine. They tend to call themselves so I would start by blocking +97259 and +97059.

No…not free. There is SecData which maintains a list of fraudlent phone numbers (used for toll fraud) and source IP’s (used for hacking). If this is non-profit or similar you might get free access, but otherwise not free.

There was an Israeli company that had a list too (I can’t remember name) - you might find it digging. But I’m pretty sure it was a subscription too.

But without access to an online list (numbers change fast so you need an online query, not a DB kept on your own system - as dovi5988 points out), this approach won’t really work.

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