Linux HA for Asterisk HA

I’m trying to do a cluster in Linux for High-Availability services, but i didn’t succeed yet.
I followed the tutorial from this page:
The case is when I try to prove the high availability in httpd service by typing the IP Virtual Address on my browser, it doesn’t show the message configured in index.html on node01.
Show a message "This web is not available"
How can I fix this?

I have the following data:
node01 IP1
node02 IP2
Virtual IP

PDT: Is there is a different way to perform Asterisk in HA let me know.


You’re heading down the right road with Heartbeat, but you’ll want to add a CRM like Corosync or Pacemaker. If you’re only interested in network failover, you could use keepalived. It’s really easy to configure.

The document you linked to assumes that you have apache installed. Once apache is installed, it will respond to requests on port 80. I don’t use redhat distros, but you could probably install by “yum install apache” or “yum install apache2” or something like that.

I have apache (httpd) installed in both machines, but it doesn’t work.
I have an example index.html script with different messages in server1 and server2, and when I run httpd in the first server, it works and show the message1 in the script, but then I try to stop heartbeat and i doesn’t shwo the message2 in server2 (shows that the page it is not available).
I think that the problem might be that heartbeat in server1 doesn’t initiate automatically the httpd service (i have to start it manually by typing “httpd service start”) and it should do it.
Which would be the problem here?
Thanks for the help,

Though this isn’t a Linux or HA forum, I’ll try to help. There could be a number of things wrong. You’ll need to post your and httpd.conf (just the listen line) from both servers file for starters. Check to make sure apache actually is running on server2. Make sure you can ping each server and the gateway from each server. Also make sure your auth keys were copied. Check logs. If something isn’t configured right, it might show there.