Linphone Asterisk Hold to music issues

Linphone is playing two songs at once when customers are on hold? Can someone please help with resolving this issue?

Have you looked at who is playing the MOH?

Cause when you say “Linphone is playing two songs…” I would ask Linphone…

Is this specific to Linphone.

I think there can be an issue with directmedia if the downstream system sends SDP a=sendonly, an indication of hold, and sources its own MOH. At least that used to be a problem with chan_sip. Asterisk treats the a=sendonly as an indication that it should send MoH, but the upstream system may also be sending, over the direct media path.

The underlying problem is that a=sendonly is also used by phones, to signal hold, rather than a=inactive, and so Asterisk needs to go to MoH when it gets it.

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