Linphone 1.0.1 Authentication with Asterisk

Has anyone tried getting Linphone 1.0.1 to authenticate to asterisk? When I set it up it never prompted me for username/password information. I was able to watch it fail from the CLI, however, so its trying to register. Linphone is now supposed to hold off prompting for the login info until it is actually required, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Ah, yeah, Linphone…

I don’t know what happened to that stuff, but before 1.0.1 it worked really well. Something weird seems to have got broken in 1.0.1 and, even after a lot of struggling with it, i never managed to get it to work with Asterisk again! It’s a shame, because Linphone’s a really good softphone and 1.0.1 has got jack (jack audio connection kit - a pluggable sound server) support built in, which makes it potentially really handy for things like recording calls and use in a radio studio for phone-ins etc.

Have you tried SJphone? It works well with Asterisk.