Linksys SPA400 Asterick Voice Mail?

I own a Linksys SPA400 Voice Mail and FXO Gateway.

It appears as though this is some flavor of Asterisk. The reason I am investigating this is I am looking to develop a Voice Mail to Email feature for a Call Manager developed on the Linksys LVS Platform. I have no idea how to integrate thier voice mail systems as the vender has not produced any APIs. If I can determin that this in fact a Asterisk platform, I should be able to go from there as it is most likely an open soure solution or at least based on one.

Here is the directory structure on the USB drive that holds some of the files required. Also included are some file names that indicate Asterisk:

\lib\images\asterisk-intro-jpg (file)
\lib\astdb (file)
\log\event_log (file)
\log\queue_log (file)
\run\ (file)
\spool\voicemail\vmail.start (file)

If there is anything else I would require to determine what I am dealing with exactly pleaes let me know.