Linksys DSL router


I’m using Linksys BEFSR41 router for my remote office. So far, I’m putting 4 phones at this remote office. BUT at any one time, I can only get one call to this remote office. The rest of the phones are engaged all the time. Eg. one way calling only.

When I look at the console, the remote ports are fixed at 15061 or 15062. With “qualify” enabled, I can see that sometime these ports can change by itself. Eg. ext 1234 using 15061, ext 4567 using 15062. after 10 minutes, both ext 1234 and 4567 changed to 15062.

I believe this is somehow related to the Linksys setting which auto assign my remote port to 1506x. But i dont know where.

Anyone having the same scenario?