Linksys 941 -> Rebooting intermittently for no reason

I’ve got a couple of Linksys 941 phones that reboot occasionally for no reason. There’s no activity on the network and no apparent loss of power.

Any experience or help appreciated.


My SPA921(4.1.15) have the same problem.

with asterisk 1.2.13 running on debian sarge.

i get the same problem with Cisco 7960s…

Hmmmm good, I’m not the only one. I’ll get back to this post when I figure out what is happening - a customer of mine has the problem as well.

Incidently, it was happening on 4.1.8 firmware as well.

I have the same issue. I just thought my UPS was getting flaky. I’m not sure what the firmware version is I’m running. I’ll have to give it a look and post it up. It’s not a big deal until it does it in the middle of a call. Has this ever happened to anyone yet?

My SPA921 do not reboot any more since one week.

i have made no change in my conf.

Some forum ask about Linksys VoIP Phone HTTP Server Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities that reboot affected devices