"Line too long" from manager.c when applying FreePBX config

I’m not sure if this should go to Asterisk or FreePBX forums, so I’m cross-posting.

When clicking the “Apply Config” button in FreePBX we get this warning repeated multiple times in asterisk logs:

WARNING[2266] manager.c: Discarding message from Line too long: Command: database put AMP…

We’re building a new machine and it PROBABLY happened after a bunch of queues were configured, but I’m not sure. Since FreePBX apparently applies the entire config every time, I have no idea what causes it. My concern is that this is more than just a warning and something that should work will fail when it’s too late and the whole thing is up and running in production.

The line is cut in logs, so I don’t know what it’s trying to do. Where do I start trying to find out what exactly is happening?

If FreePBX relies on such information in the AstDB, then something in FreePBX world would likely not work properly without it. The maximum size is a kilobyte for an AMI message, so it exceeded that.

As for investigating you’d probably need to ask on the FreePBX side or see if other people have experienced the same thing with FreePBX.

I was hoping Asterisk would show me the full command somewhere, hard to figure out which one of the tens of modules and configs is doing it otherwise.

I have opened the same topic on FreePBX forums. Thank you for answering.

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