Line Test via Asterisk

Hi guys,

I have searched around and as of yet have not found what I am looking for.

I have a list of say 1000 numbers that I need to confirm are working phone numbers. I understand that you can do a line test that make an abandoned call, this call checks for a response from the other end and is able to determine if the line is active or inactive.

The procedure obvsiouly exists but I am unable to see how this could be implemented with asterisk. I would imagine that such a tool or script already exists. Can someone let me know where this tool can be found or point me in the right direction of how this can be achieved. I have experience with coding so will not have trouble creating this if I know the basic info on how to achieve this. I have used AMI briefly and wonder if this is the way to go.

any help is appreciated.

Use originate, or a call file. In the extension specified, playback a message explaining the purpose of a call and asking for some digits to be keyed. Use, for example, Read to read the digits and then check you have the right digits.

This is not a facility that networks normally provide and any tricks to achieve it are likely not to be considered fair use. If there are ways, you will, almost certainly, need a direct ISDN connection.

It is often attempted as the precursor to phone spam.

I achieved this task using bash scripting and Asterisk originate command. The script is not very elegant but it works like a charm

I posted on my blog. … lling.html