Line Status Device

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good device that will detect if a user is on the line or not. My company would like the operator to know if the person is on the line or not, I know there’s asterisk’s operator panel but was just curious if there’s a physical gadget out there. I’m informed that there’s some phones (snom360) which can do this.

Please advise


i think you’re talking about BLF (Busy Lamp Field)

with Asterisk this is maintained using SIP subscriptions, and the Snom seems to have a particularly stable implementation … i’ve installed a few with the optional sidecar and they work very nicely.

just don’t confuse BLF with SLA :smiley:

Another vote for the Snom 360 and the additional sidecar.

One caveat if you program a button on the 360 as an extension/destination:
If you have an incoming call ringing in on the 360 and you press one of the extension buttons it will automatically transfer the incoming call unanswered to the extension you pressed. This caused me a few problems since I was using some extension buttons to monitor parked calls and my users would end up transferring an incoming call to a parked call and we would have two customers talking to each other.