Line hangs up after 20 secs when recording

Hi -

We have recently switched our incoming DID to another service. When a call comes in and they navigate our IVR menu they have the ability to record a message. About 20-30 seconds into recording a message the line simply hangs up. We are using IAX.

Here’s the record command in our menu, as you can see we are using the default settings for NO timeout and NO max length.

exten => s,1,Record(incoming-message:gsm)

Does anyone know what could be causing this?



Well known problem.

You suppliers gateway is dropping the call at about 29 seconds because as the caller records the message no RTCP packets are sent to line. Your supplier assumes that the call has dropped, SO drops the call.

There are settings in asterisk.conf for this
transmit_silence_during_record = yes


That was exactly it! Thank you so much!