Limit outbound and inbound to specific lines

i have 8 FXO ports ( using Sangoma card ) and free PBX with asterisk . now i need to use 4 lines only for inbound calls and the other 4 for outbound calls .
is it available ? and if yes then how can i achieve that ?

I think you can do that with basic routing in the Asterisk itself. I don’t use FXO cards, so I don’t know if this can be set on a DAHDI level.

You would normally use groups in dahdi, at least when using Digium cards and direct Asterisk configuration.

Thanks dejanst and david55
but any one tried this with Sangoma Cards ?

I don’t use cards at all. I use gateways. And if I was to use cards, I would use Digium cards. Digium is the main supported for Asterisk and I think that the only right thing is to support them by buying their hardware. If you want to use Sangoma, ask Sangoma for support.

As david said you can use group for limiting access to cards for outbound call . It is working correctly with sangoma cards as well .