Limit Extension to Extension calls in succession

Good day

I have the following problem whereby call center agents from one call center will dial another call center in rapid succession and then hangup after a short time thus causing the dropped call rate of the second call center to sky rocket. Is there a way to rate limit this or prevent this from happening like blocking the agent from calling the call center for a set time or something?

Any help would be appreciated as this has become a major headache for me.

Of course there are ways to do it, but not one, built-in prescriptive way.

One simple option: you can keep track of the last calls made in AstDB using the DB functions, and check if criteria is satisfied before making outbound calls.

If they always dial-in from the same number, you can create a dialplan entry to catch the call based on the number of the caller, and route it differently. Eg. to a message telling them you know who they are, and if they don’t stop, their employment will be terminated, or whateve you see fit.

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